Finally - a revamping of the web site!

As I have expanded making new shops and furnishing it has become harder and harder to keep an inventory covering all the areas at the same time. 

So I have made some major changes to help you and for me to keep my sanity.........

I am going to have fewer categories available at a time.  You can view the other areas but they might not be available. Check the ordering page for a current list of items in stock.  This way orders can go out sooner and I can better juggle making kit batches, creating new items and allow time for instruction writing (that is the hardest and longest part of making a new kit).

It has been a long road to this new site but a good journey.

Currently Available Categories:

  • Men's Shop
  • Sewing Room
  • Jewelry Shoppe

Viewable but limited availability :

  • Ladies shoppe
  • Chocolate Shoppe
  • Gourmet Shoppe